Paying Tax is Duly of Every Citizen – Tax Amnesty 2019

Paying Tax is Duly of Every Citizen – Tax Amnesty 2019

No country can serve its people if the citizens don’t pay taxes.

Paying tax to the government is our duty as Citizen of Pakistan,

Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Imran Khan has asked to every Pakistani to declare there non-Declare property and take full benefit of  Amnesty Scheme 2019 which announced on 14th day of May, 2019 and expiring on 30th day of June, 2019

The scheme has five main pillars — scope, default surcharge, exclusions, tax rates and conditions. It can be availed by all companies, associations of persons and individuals only to whiten their assets, expenditures and sales not declared until June 30, 2018. There is no provision for whitening undeclared incomes, either domestic and foreign.

Declaration of tax is also save from punishment which may fine five lac or more and imprisonment for the period up 2 years or both ( prosecution for concealment of income)

you can verify your NTN online from FBR’s website link is below

Updates on 30 June 2019

Government of Pakistan has extend 3 more days in Tax Amnesty 2019, Last date is now 3rd July 2019. This is last  opportunity to Declare, Non-Declare property  

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