Part V – Savings and Repeals   

29. Savings.—

[(1) Nothing in this Act shall affect section 25 of  the Contract Act, 1872.   
(2) Where any special or local law prescribes for any suit, appeal or  application a period of limitation different from the period  prescribed therefore by the First Schedule, the provisions of section 3 shall apply, as if such period were prescribed therefore in that  Schedule, and for the purpose of determining any period of limitation  prescribed for any suit, appeal or application by any special or local  law—   
(a) the provisions contained in section 4, sections 9 to 18, and  section 22 shall apply only in so far as, and to the extent to which,  they are not expressly excluded by such special or local law;
(b) and the remaining provisions of the Act shall not apply.]   
(3) Nothing in this Act shall apply to suits under the Divorce Act.   
(4) Sections 26 and 27 and the definition of “easement” in section  2 shall not apply to cases arising in territories to which the  Easements Act, 1882, may for the time being extend.   

30 and 31.

[Provision for suits for which the period prescribed is  shorter than that prescribed by the Indian Limitation Act, 1877.  Provision for suits by certain mortgagees in territories mentioned in the Second Schedule].—Rep. by the Repealing and Amending Act, 1930  (VIII of 1930), section 3 and Second Schedule].   

30. S.28

omitted by Limitation (Amendment) Act (II of 1995), S.2,  dated 18-101995.   

32. (Repeals).

Repealed by the Second Repealing and Amending Act,  1914 (XVII of 1914), Section 3 and Second Schedule.   

Table of Contents

Part 1 – Preamble

Part II – Limitation of Suits, Appeals and Applications

Part III – Computation of Period of Limitation

Part IV – Acquisition Of Ownership By Possession

Part V – Savings and Repeals


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